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Affiliated Faculty

Ran Abramitzky Economics, IPL
Nicole Ardoin Education, CGE
Asad L. Asad Sociology, CGE
Sanjay Basu Medicine, CPI
Justin Berg Business, AREP
Shai Bernstein Business, RDC
Nicholas Bloom William Eberle Professor of Economics, CPI, RDC
Adam Bonica Political Science, Faculty Fellow
Paul Brest Law, PACS
Patricia Bromley Education, PACS, Seed Grant
Joel Cabrita History, CGE
Martin Carnoy Education, RA Internship
Laura L. Carstensen Psychology, REP
Jung Ho Choi Business, RDC
Angele Christin Communication, CGE
Matthew Clair Sociology, CGE
Shelley Correll Sociology, CPI
Mark Cullen Medicine, CPI
Lauren Davenport Political Science, SCAD
Rebecca Diamond Business, CPI
Ben Domingue Education, RA Internship
Mark Duggan Economics, CPI, RDC
James Fearon Political Science, Faculty Fellow
James Ferguson Anthropology, CGE
Francis Flynn Business, REP
Vicky Fouka Political Science
Jeremy Freese Sociology, CPI
Duana Fullwiley Anthropology
Justin Gardner Psychology, RA Internship
Brandon Gipper Business, RDC
Sharad Goel Engineering, CSS Executive Committee
Mark Granovetter Sociology, RA Internship
James Gross Psychology, RA Internship
Deborah Gruenfeld Business, REP
David Grusky Barbara Kimball Browning Professor in the School of Humanities, Director of the Center on Poverty and Inequality
Saad Gulzar Political Science, Seed Grant
Jens Hainmueller Professor of Political Science, Co-Director of the Immigration Policy Lab
Rita Hamad Medicine, IPL
Jeff Hancock Communication, REP
Gabriella Harari Communication, AREP, REP
Gabrielle Hecht History, CGE
Shanto Iyengar William Robertson Coe Professor, Professor of Communication and Senior Fellow, by courtesy, at the Hoover Institution, Co-PI of the American National Election Studies
Michelle Jackson Sociology, RA Internship
Lochlann Jain Anthropology, Seed Grant
Hakeem Jefferson Political Science, SCAD
Tomás Jiménez Sociology, CGE
Karen Jusko Political Science, CPI
Ari Kelman Education, RA Internship
Peter Klenow Economics, RDC
Matthew Kohrman Anthropology, CGE
Michal Kosinski Business, REP
David Laitin James T. Watkins IV and Elise V. Watkins Professor of Political Science, Co-Director of the Immigration Policy Lab
David Larcker Business, RDC
Rebecca Lester Business, RDC
Brian Lowery Business, AREP, REP
Beatriz Magaloni Political Science, CGE
Hazel Markus Psychology, CPI
Ashley Martin Business, REP
Dan McFarland Professor of Sociology and Organizational Behavior, Director of the Center for Computational Social Science
Fernando Mendoza Medicine, IPL
Arnold Milstein Medicine, CPI
Clayton Nall Political Science, Seed Grant
Margaret Neale Business, AREP
Roy Pea Education, REP
David Pedulla Sociology, CPI, REP
Nate Persily Law, PACS
Joan Petersilia Law, CPI
Luigi Pistaferri Economics, CPI
Walter Powell Professor of Education, Co-Director of the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society
Sean Reardon Education, CPI
David Rehkopf Medicine, CPI, RDC
Rob Reich Professor of Political Science, Co-Director of the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society
Cecilia Ridgeway Sociology, CPI
Richard Roberts History, CGE
Jonathan Rosa Education, CGE
Maya Rossin-Slater Medicine, RDC
Lee Sanders Medicine, IPL
Aliya Saperstein Sociology, RDC
Daniel Schwartz Education, REP
Krish Seetah Anthropology, Seed Grant
Itamar Simonson Business, REP
Paul Sniderman Political Science
Matt Snipp Burnet C. and Mildred Finley Wohlford Professor of Humanities and Sciences, IRiSS Deputy Director, Director of Secure Data Center, Vice Provost for Faculty Diversity and Engagement
Mitchell Stevens Education, RA Internship
Forrest Stuart Sociology, CGE
Kabir Tambar Anthropology, CGE
Sharika Thiranagama Sakurako and William Fisher Family Faculty Scholar in the School of Humanities and Sciences, Co-Director of the Center for Global Ethnography
Michael Tomz William Bennett Munro Professor of Political Science, Director of the Center for American Democracy
Florencia Torche Sociology, CPI
Zakary Tormala Business, AREP, REP
Stephanie Tully Business, AREP
Barbara Voss Anthropology, CGE
Melanie Wallskog Economics, RDC
Gregory Walton Psychology, CPI, RA Internship, REP
Jeremy Weinstein Professor of Political Science, Co-Director of the Immigration Policy Lab
Robb Willer Professor of Sociology, Co-Director of the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society
Sylvia Yanagisako Edward Clark Crossett Professor of Humanistic Studies, Co-Director of the Center for Global Ethnography