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Author Year Title Publication Type School or Department
2024 Essays in Corporate Finance and Industrial Organization Dissertation Economics
2024 Essays in Labor Economics Dissertation Economics
2024 Essays in Political Economy: Status Perceptions and Survey Experiments Dissertation Business
2024 Essays in the Economics of Education Dissertation Economics
2024 Essays on Intergenerational Issues in Economics Dissertation Economics
2024 Identifying and Dismantling Barriers to Race Scholarship Dissertation Psychology
2024 The Way That Leads Among the Lost: Life, Death, and Hope in Mexico City's Anexos Book Anthropology
2024 Vector Representations of Conflict in American Political Institutions Dissertation Political Science
Otero, Cristóbal
2023 Equilibrium Effects of Food Labeling Policies Journal Article Economics
Raviv Murciano-Goroff
2023 Equity Illusions Journal Article Law
2023 Essays in Behavioral Antitrust Law and Economics Dissertation Law
2023 Essays on Macroeconomics and Housing Markets Dissertation Economics
2023 Governing at the Margins: How the State Manages Children at the Junction of Dependent and Delinquent Dissertation Sociology
2023 Happiness Scholarship and Redistributive Preferences Journal Article Sociology
2023 Mental Health Effects of Income over the Adult Life Course Journal Article Sociology
2023 National Interest in International Relations: Domestic Distributional Consequences and Constraints to Conflict Dissertation Political Science
Margaret E. Roberts
2023 Partisan Conflict over Content Moderation Is More Than Disagreement about Dacts Journal Article Communication
2023 Performative Propaganda Engagement: How Celebrity Fandom Engages with State Propaganda in China Dissertation Communication
2023 Political Endorsement by Nature and Trust in Scientific Expertise during COVID-19 Journal Article Business
2023 Power, Exclusion, and Identity: The Politics of Muslim Marginalization in India Dissertation Political Science
2023 Resilience in the Face of Trauma: How Sexual Violence Shapes Economic Well-being Dissertation Sociology
2023 The Inequalities of Well-being and Income Dissertation Sociology
2023 Towards Dignity in Health: From Health-White Associations to the Reclamation of Racial-Ethnic Minority Cultures of Health Dissertation Psychology
2023 Upskilled and Reskilled: How Gender Shapes Career Transitions in the New Economy Dissertation Sociology
2022 A Threatening Opportunity: Conversations about Race-Related Experiences between Black and White Friends Dissertation Psychology
2022 Advanced Introduction to Social Capital Book Sociology
2022 AI-Mediated Communication: Examining Agency, Ownership, Expertise, and Roles of AI Systems Dissertation Communication
2022 Archaeology, Wage Labor, and Kinship in Rural Mexico, 1934–1974 Journal Article Anthropology
Beka Guluma
2022 Consistent Divisions or Methodological Decisions? Assessing the U.S. Racial Hierarchy Across Outcomes Journal Article Sociology
2022 Credit for Compliance: How Institutional Layering Ensures Compliance in China Dissertation Political Science
2022 Dwelling in Displacement: Land Rights and Heritage Activism in Post-Apartheid Johannesburg Dissertation Anthropology
2022 Essays on Education Policy in Latin America Dissertation Economics
2022 Essays on Entrepreneurship, Productivity, and Inequality Dissertation Economics
2022 Green American City: Civic Capacity and the Distributed Adoption of Urban Innovations Journal Article Sociology
2022 How Americans Think about Democracy Dissertation Political Science
2022 Human Visual Cortex as a Texture Basis Set for Object Perception Conference Proceedings Psychology
2022 Local Governance, Ecological Knowledge, and Spatial Models: Assessing Resource Access in a Forest Commons Journal Article Anthropology
2022 Measuring Political Knowledge and Not Search Proficiency in Online Surveys Journal Article Political Science
2022 Mirages Past and Future: Foreign Expertise and the Political Economy of Cultural Heritage in Qatar Dissertation Anthropology
2022 Social Trust Chapter in an Edited Volume Sociology
2022 Texture and Object Representation for Human Visual Perception Dissertation Psychology
2022 The Obligation Mosaic: Race and Social Norms in US Political Participation Book Political Science
2022 The PrEP Penalty Journal Article Law
2022 The Protestant Road to State Bureaucracy Dissertation Political Science
2022 When Cities Lobby: How Local Governments Compete for Power in State Politics Book Political Science
2022 Whose Voice Matters? Conformists, Non-Conformists, and Responsiveness in China Dissertation Political Science
2021 Campaign Contributions, Independent Expenditures, and the Appearance of Corruption: Public Opinion vs. the Supreme Court's Assumptions Journal Article Political Science
2021 Drifting to the Top?: Disentangling Mechanisms Influencing the Turnover Rate of Popular Music Journal Article Sociology
2021 Essays in Political Methodology Dissertation Political Science
2021 Essays in the Economics of Housing and Labor Markets Dissertation Economics
2021 Essays on Behavioral Economics and Economic History Dissertation Economics
2021 Essays on the Equilibrium Effects of Public Policies Dissertation Economics
2021 Fashion Changes: The Role of the Audience in the Fashion Cycle Dissertation Sociology
2021 Flood Control Politics: Engineering, Urban Growth, and Disaster in Mexico City Dissertation Anthropology
2021 How the Internet and Online Interaction Strengthen Social Movements Dissertation Sociology
Bils, Mark
Ruane, Cian
2021 Misallocation or Mismeasurement? Journal Article Economics
2021 Parasitic Intimacies: Life, Love, and Labor in Post-Socialist Central Asia Dissertation Anthropology
Miaozhe Han
2021 Passion Matters but Not Equally Everywhere: Predicting Achievement from Interest, Enjoyment, and Efficacy in 59 Societies Journal Article Education
2021 Political Representation in Democratic and Autocratic Regimes Dissertation Political Science
2021 Political Responses to Economic Change Dissertation Political Science
2021 Politically Invisible in America Journal Article Political Science
2021 Seeking Rights to a City of Huacas: Cultural Heritage Management and Urban Citizenship in Lima, Peru Dissertation Anthropology
2021 Teaching and Talking with Baby: Antecedents and Consequences of Enriching Input from Caregivers Dissertation Psychology
2021 The Corsairs of Saint-Malo: Network Organization of a Merchant Elite Under the Ancien Régime Book Sociology
2021 The Effects of State Business Taxes on Plant Closures: Evidence from Unemployment Insurance Taxation and Multi-Establishment Firms Journal Article Economics
2021 The Judicial Tug of War: How Lawyers, Politicians, and Ideological Incentives Shape the American Judiciary Book Political Science
Voigt, Rob
2021 The Thin Blue Waveform: Racial Disparities in Officer Prosody Undermine Institutional Trust in the Police Journal Article Psychology
van Reenen, John
Sun, Stephen Teng
Zhihong, Yu
2021 Trade and Management Journal Article Economics
2021 Understanding and Harnessing Psychological and Social Forces to Improve Healthcare Dissertation Psychology
2020 Ballad of the Bullet: Gangs, Drill Music, and the Power of Online Infamy Book Sociology
2020 Essays in Housing and Experimentation Dissertation Economics
2020 Essays in Microeconomics Dissertation Economics
2020 Essays in the Economics of Artificial Intelligence Dissertation Economics
2020 Essays on the Economics of Public Procurement Dissertation Economics
2020 Expansive Care Theory: Can Messages of Inspiring Expectations and Broad Regard Promote Students' Identity Safety and Academic Success? Dissertation Psychology
2020 Greening the Black Urban Regime: The Culture and Commerce of Sustainability in Detroit Book
2020 How We Give Now: Conversations across the United States White paper
2020 Karuk and Yurok Prescribed Cultural Fire Revitalization in California's Klamath Basin: Socio-ecological Dynamics and Political Ecology of Indigenous Burning and resource Management Dissertation Anthropology
2020 Media Production Behavior on Smartphones: Time, Content, Structure, and Context Dissertation Communication
2020 Nationalist Archaeology and Foreign Oil Exploration in El Tajín, Mexico, 1935–1940 Journal Article Anthropology
2020 Nomination Patronage and Party Splitting: Comparing Intraparty Politics in South Korea and Taiwan Dissertation Sociology
Ilana M. Horwitz
Kathleen Mullan Harris
2020 Not a Family Matter: The Effects of Religiosity on Academic Outcomes based on Evidence from Siblings Journal Article Education, Sociology
2020 Philanthropy and Digital Civil Society: Blueprint 2020 White paper
2020 Public Opinion and Foreign Electoral Intervention Journal Article
2020 Re-Assembling Radical Indigenous Autonomy in the Alta California Hinterlands: Survivance at Puhú Dissertation Anthropology
2020 Social Regulation in the Land of the Free Dissertation Psychology
2020 Socioeconomic Status, Negative Affect, and Health Dissertation Psychology
Steward, Sheridan A.
2020 Stereotyping and the Opioid Epidemic: A Conjoint Analysis Journal Article Sociology
2020 The Constraints of Progress: College Feminization and the Value of the College Degree Dissertation Sociology
2020 The Microfoundations of Identity Politics in Pakistan's Megacity Dissertation Political Science
2020 The Rise of Entrepreneurship in China: Modernity, Social Mobility, and Entrepreneurialism Dissertation Sociology
Gera, Katie
Yeager, David S.
McDonald, Michael P.
2020 The Turnout Gap in Surveys: Explanations and Solutions Sociology
2020 Trusting Men with Children: Understanding Childcare as Gendered Work Dissertation Sociology
2019 A low-cost information nudge increases citizenship application rates among low-income immigrants Journal Article
2019 Armenia across Borders: Heritage Revitalization from the Soviet Era to the Present Dissertation Anthropology
2019 Before the American Voter Dissertation Political Science
Allen, Treb
2019 Border Walls Preprint Economics
2019 Cities in Action: City Climate Action, Civil Society, and the Organization of Cities Dissertation Sociology
2019 Embracing Failure: How Failure Rhetoric and the Peer Network Influence Entrepreneurial Success Dissertation Sociology
2019 Entangled Archaeology, Industry, and Labor in El Tajín, Mexico, 1880-2018 Dissertation Anthropology
2019 Essays in Political Methodology Dissertation Political Science
2019 Essays in Social Insurance Dissertation Economics
2019 Essays in Trade, Innovation, and Productivity Dissertation Economics
2019 Ethnic Networks Can Foster the Economic Integration of Refugees Journal Article Political Science
2019 Fabricating Transnational Capitalism: A Collaborative Ethnography of Italian-Chinese Global Fashion Book
2019 Fear of the Disability Con: Perceptions of Fraud and Special Rights Discourse Journal Article Law
2019 Fear of the Disability Con: Public Perceptions of Abuse of Disability Rights Dissertation Law
2019 How a Data-Driven Course Planning Tool Affects College Students’ GPA: Evidence from Two Field Experiments Journal Article
Beniamino Cislaghi
Jason Nagata
Holly Shakya
2019 Implications of Gendered Behaviour and Contexts for Social Mobility in the USA: A Nationally Representative Observational Study Journal Article Education
2019 Insurgency Formation and Civil War Onset Dissertation Political Science
2019 Knowledge Inequality Dissertation Sociology
Streeter, Shea
2019 Lethal Force in Black and White: Assessing Racial Disparities in the Circumstances of Police Killings Journal Article Political Science
2019 Oregon’s Expansion of Prenatal Care Improved Utilization Among Immigrant Women Journal Article
2019 Philanthropy and Digital Civil Society: Blueprint 2019 White paper
2019 Polite Language Reflects Competing Informational and Social Goals Dissertation Psychology
2019 Precaution in the Private Interest Dissertation Political Science
Vasil I. Yasenov
2019 Public Health Insurance Expansion for Immigrant Children and Interstate Migration of Low-Income Immigrants Journal Article Political Science
Vasil Yasenov
Michael Hotard
2019 Standardizing the Fee Waiver Application Increased Naturalization Rates of Low-Income Immigrants Conference Proceedings Political Science
2019 Strategies of Indigenous Resistance and Assimilation to Colonial Rule Dissertation Political Science
2019 Strategies of Repression in Pinochet's Chile Dissertation Political Science
Eric Min
2019 The Credibility of Public and Private Signals: A Document-Based Approach Journal Article Political Science
2019 The Effect of Citizenship on the Long-Term Earnings of Marginalized Immigrants: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Switzerland Journal Article
Lelkes, Yphtach
Levendusky, Matthew
Malhotra, Neil
Westwood, Sean J.
2019 The Origins and Consequences of Affective Polarization in the United States Journal Article Political Science
Nate Gruver
Ali Malik
Brahm Capoor
Chris Piech
Andreas Paepcke
2019 Using Latent Variable Models to Observe Academic Pathways Preprint Education
Geoffrey Angus
Richard Diehl Martinez
Andreas Paepcke
2019 Via: Illuminating Academic Pathways at Scale Conference Proceedings Education
2019 Why Does the American National Election Study Overestimate Voter Turnout? Journal Article Political Science
2018 A Future in Ruins: UNESCO, World Heritage, and the Dream of Peace Book Anthropology
2018 Best Practices for Creating Survey Weights Chapter in an Edited Volume
2018 Black and White Meets Blue: Race and the Social Psychology of Police-Community Interactions Dissertation Psychology
2018 Building Markets within Authoritarian Institutions: The Political Economy of Banking Development in China Dissertation Political Science
2018 Bureaucracy and Networks: The Politics of Career Mobility in Large Organizational Systems Dissertation Sociology
2018 Colonial Pasts, Future Cities: Urban Heritage Advocacy in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia Dissertation Anthropology
2018 Essays in Economics of Education Dissertation Economics
2018 Essays on the Behavioral Political Economy of Authoritarian Regimes: Historical and Contemporary Evidence from China Dissertation Economics
Dean Eckles
2018 Exact p-Values for Network Interference Journal Article Business, Economics
Adam L. Horowitz
2018 Identity Override: How Sexual Orientation Reduces the Rigidity of Racial Boundaries Journal Article Sociology
2018 Muslims in a Post-9/11 America: A Survey of Attitudes and Beliefs and Their Implications for U.S. National Security Policy Book Political Science
Krupenkin, Masha
2018 Partisanship as Social Identity: Implications for the Study of Party Polarization Journal Article Political Science
2018 Politics beyond Black and White: Biracial Identity and Attitudes in America Book Political Science
2018 Private Contributions and Public Opinion Dissertation Political Science
Floetotto, Max
Jaimovich, Nir
Saporta-Eksten, Itay
Terry, Stephen J.
2018 Really Uncertain Business Cycles Journal Article Economics
2018 Resource, Development and Tradition: Explaining Persistence and Costs of Intergenerational Marital Norms in South Korea Dissertation Sociology
2018 State of Repression: Iraq under Saddam Hussein Book Political Science
2018 The Media Marshmallow Test: Psychological and Physiological Effects of Applying Self-Control to the Mobile Phone Dissertation Communication
2018 The Road to Inequality: How the Federal Highway Program Polarized America and Undermined Cities Book Political Science
Daniel W. Belsky
Jason M. Fletcher
Dalton Conley
Jason D. Boardman
Kathleen Mullan Harris
2018 The Social Genome of Friends and Schoolmates in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health Journal Article Education
Krupenkin, Masha
2018 The Strengthening of Partisan Affect Journal Article Political Science
2018 Trust and Rational Choice Chapter in an Edited Volume Sociology
2017 Causes and Consequences of News Media Content Dissertation Political Science
Saltarelli, Andrew J.
Reich, Justin
2017 Closing Global Achievement Gaps in MOOCs: Brief Interventions Address Social Identity Threat at Scale Journal Article Communication
2017 Contracting the Commons: Socioecological Dynamics of Wild Mushroom Harvesting in Yunnan, China Dissertation Anthropology
2017 Eight-Minute Self-Regulation Intervention Raises Educational Attainment at Scale in Individualist but not Collectivist Cultures Journal Article Communication
2017 Elites, Institutions and Economic Development Dissertation Political Science
2017 Expert Crowdsourcing with Flash Teams and Organizations Dissertation Management Science & Engineering
Melissa A. Valentine
Alexandra To
Negar Rahmati
Tulsee Doshi
2017 Flash Organizations: Crowdsourcing Complex Work by Structuring Crowds As Organizations Conference Proceedings Management Science & Engineering
2017 Gender Identity Shapes Preferences for Health and Environmental Behaviors Dissertation Sociology
2017 Greater Internet Use Is Not Associated with Faster Growth in Political Polarization among US Demographic Groups Journal Article Economics
Sunny Jung Kim
2017 How Advertorials Deactivate Advertising Schema: MTurk-Based Experiments to Examine Persuasion Tactics and Outcomes in Health Advertisements Journal Article Communication
2017 Investor commitment to serial entrepreneurs: A multilayer network analysis Journal Article
Michelle Drouin
Ryan L. Boyd
Audrey James
2017 Linguistic Analysis of Chat Transcripts from Child Predator Undercover Sex Stings Journal Article Communication
2017 Making More Than a Market: Environmental Marketization and the Politics of Landscapes and Distribution in the Brazilian Amazon Dissertation Anthropology
2017 Online Field Experiments Journal Article
Michael A. DeVito
Jeremy Birnholtz
2017 Platforms, People, and Perception: Using Affordances to Understand Self-Presentation on Social Media Conference Proceedings Communication
Kyu Hahn
2017 Polarization in Less than Thirty Seconds: Continuous Monitoring of Voter Response to Campaign Advertising Chapter in an Edited Volume Political Science
2017 Polarized Opinions on Racial Progress and Inequality: Measurement and Application to Affirmative Action Preferences Journal Article Political Science
2017 Providing driver's licenses to unauthorized immigrants in California improves traffic safety Journal Article
Abrahao, Bruno
Gupta, Alok
2017 Reputation Offsets Trust Judgments based on Social Biases among Airbnb Users Journal Article Sociology
Xiao Ma
Kenneth Lim Mingjie
Mor Naaman
2017 Self-Disclosure and Perceived Trustworthiness of Airbnb Host Profiles Conference Proceedings Communication
2017 Should I Share That? Prompting Social Norms That Influence Privacy Behaviors on a Social Networking Site Journal Article
2017 The 27 Club: Music Lyrics Reflect Psychological Distress Journal Article Communication
Lelkes, Yphtach
Sood, Gaurav
2017 The Hostile Audience: The Effect of Access to Broadband Internet on Partisan Affect Journal Article Political Science
2017 The Numerical Delta Method, Bootstrap, Model Selection, and Parameter Inference Dissertation Economics
2017 Who Speaks for the Poor? Electoral Geography, Party Entry, and Representation Book Political Science
Jamie E. Guillory
2016 6 Effects of Network Connections on Deception and Halo Effects in Linkedin Chapter in an Edited Volume Communication
2016 Association, Service, Market: Higher Education in American Political Development Journal Article
Nev Jones
2016 Beyond the Sensory: Findings from an In-Depth Analysis of the Phenomenology of “Auditory Hallucinations” in Schizophrenia Journal Article
2016 Changes in Self-Definition Impede Recovery From Rejection Journal Article
2016 Coming of Age in the Other America Book
Gaurav Sood
2016 Coming to Dislike Your Opponents: The Polarizing Impact of Political Campaigns Journal Article Political Science
Shuyuan Mary Ho
Cheryl Booth
Xiuwen Liu
2016 Computer-Mediated Deception: Strategies Revealed by Language-Action Cues in Spontaneous Communication Journal Article Communication
2016 E Pluribus Pluribus, or Divided We Stand Journal Article Political Science
2016 Essays on Interstate Crises and Audiences: A Text Analysis Approach to US Foreign Relations Dissertation Political Science
Sameer B. Srivastava
V. Govind Manian
William Monroe
2016 Fitting In or Standing Out? The Tradeoffs of Structural and Cultural Embeddedness Journal Article Sociology
2016 From 'Opt Out' to Blocked Out: The Negative Consequences of Intermittent Employment Dissertation Sociology
2016 How economic, humanitarian, and religious concerns shape European attitudes toward asylum seekers Journal Article
Catalina L. Toma
L. Crystal Jiang
2016 Lies in the Eye of the Beholder: Asymmetric Beliefs about One’s Own and Others’ Deceptiveness in Mediated and Face-to-Face Communication Journal Article Communication
2016 Linguistic Obfuscation in Fraudulent Science Journal Article Communication
Allison Harell
Stuart Soroka
2016 Locus of Control and Anti‐Immigrant Sentiment in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom Journal Article Political Science
Stephanie T. Tong
Richard B. Slatcher
2016 Online Dating System Design and Relational Decision Making: Choice, Algorithms, and Control Journal Article Communication
2016 Online Deception Chapter in an Edited Volume Communication
2016 Race, Place, and Political Action: How Social Norms and Racial Segregation Shape Participatory Patterns in America Dissertation Political Science
Allison Harell
Stuart Soroka
2016 Race, Prejudice and Attitudes toward Redistribution: A Comparative Experimental Approach Journal Article Psychology
Shuyuan Mary Ho
Cheryl Booth
Xiuwen Liu
Muye Liu
Shashank S. Timmarajus
Mike Burmester
2016 Real or Spiel? A Decision Tree Approach for Automated Detection of Deceptive Language-Action Cues Journal Article Communication
2016 Relationship Churning and Parenting Stress Journal Article
2016 Religious Redirection: Muslim-Christian Market Interaction in Early Islamic Syria-Palestine Dissertation Anthropology
2016 Robot Status: Investigating the Perception of Social Status in a Robot Dissertation Communication
2016 Sociological Methods in the Digital Age: Research in Computational Sociology Dissertation Sociology
Stephanie Tom Tong
Richard B. Slatcher
2016 The Influence of Technology on Romantic Relationships: Understanding Online Dating Journal Article Communication
2016 The positivity bias and prosocial deception on facebook Journal Article
2016 The Role of Physical Activity in Facilitating Affect Regulation Dissertation Psychology
Mauro Barisione
2016 Too Much an Out-Group? How Nonverbal Cues About Gender and Ethnicity Affect Candidate Support Journal Article Political Science
2016 Universalism and Global Science: How Scientists and Scientific Knowledge Traverse the World Dissertation Sociology
Anderson, Brian
2016 Violence, Addiction, Recovery: An Anthropological Study of Mexico’s Anexos Journal Article Anthropology
2016 When lives are put on hold: Lengthy asylum processes decrease employment among refugees Journal Article
2016 White-Matter Tract Connecting Anterior Insula to Nucleus Accumbens Correlates with Reduced Preference for Positively Skewed Gambles Journal Article
2016 Why Muslim Integration Fails: An Inquiry in Christian-heritage societies Book
2016 ‘Membership Has Its Privileges’: Status Incentives and Categorical Inequality in Education Journal Article
Chin, Lynn Gencianeo
Stayte, Patricia Gibbs
2015 Can Human Subject Pool Participation Benefit Sociology Students? Journal Article Sociology
2015 Can't We All Just Get Along? Native-Born Americans' Perspectives on Race and Immigration Dissertation Sociology
R. Padmavati
H. Tharoor
A. Osei
2015 Differences in Voice-Hearing Experiences of People with Psychosis in the USA, India, and Ghana: Interview-Based Study Journal Article
2015 Disentangling the Effects of Racial Self-identification and Classification by Others: The Case of Arrest Journal Article
Dahlander, Linus
2015 Distant Search, Narrow Attention: How Crowding Alters Organizations' Filtering of Suggestions in Crowdsourcing Journal Article Management Science & Engineering
2015 Do concerns about labor market competition shape attitudes toward immigration? Journal Article
2015 Does Direct Democracy Hurt Immigrant Minorities? Evidence from Naturalization Decisions in Switzerland Journal Article
Westwood, Sean J.
2015 Fear and Loathing across Party Lines: New Evidence on Group Polarization Journal Article Political Science
2015 Firm Dynamics, Financing and Aggregate Productivity Dissertation Economics
2015 Gender inequality in science News Article
R. Padmavati
Hema Tharoor
Akwasi Osei
2015 Hearing Voices in Different Cultures: A Social Kindling Hypothesis Journal Article
2015 Many Greeks Still Want a Deal News Article
2015 Naturalization fosters the long-term political integration of immigrants Journal Article
2015 Neural evidence for cultural differences in the valuation of positive facial expressions Journal Article
2015 On the Sharing Economy Journal Article
Michael M. Bechtel
Marc Helbling
2015 Reality Bites: The Limits of Framing Effects for Salient and Contested Policy Issues Journal Article Political Science
2015 Rethinking Lurking: Invisible Leading and Following in a Knowledge Transfer Ecosystem Journal Article
2015 Risk Aversion and Engagement in the Sharing Economy Journal Article Sociology
2015 Risk Aversion and Engagement in the Sharing Economy Journal Article
2015 Self-Interest, Group Interest, and Values: The Determinants of Mass Attitudes Towards Foreign Aid in Donor Countries Dissertation Political Science
2015 Serenity: Violence, Inequality, and Recovery on the Edge of Mexico City Journal Article Anthropology
Daron Acemoglu
2015 Social Norms and the Enforcement of Laws Journal Article Economics
2015 The Hidden American Immigration Consensus: A Conjoint Analysis of Attitudes toward Immigrants Journal Article
2015 Why do Inventors Sell to Patent Trolls? Experimental Evidence for the Asymmetry Hypothesis Journal Article Economics
2014 A Nation of Immigrants: Assimilation and Economic Outcomes in the Age of Mass Migration Journal Article
2014 Beauty and Status Journal Article
2014 College for Grown-Ups News Article
2014 Disenchanting the World: The Impact of Technology on Relationships Conference Proceedings
2014 Experimental evidence of massive-scale emotional contagion through social networks Journal Article
Oppezzo, Marily
2014 Give Your Ideas Some Legs: The Positive Effect of Walking on Creative Thinking Journal Article Psychology
2014 Immigration into Europe: Economic Discrimination, Violence, and Public Policy Journal Article
2014 Intergenerational Mobility of the Mexican-Origin Population in California and Texas Relative to a Changing Regional Mainstream Journal Article
James Moody
David Diehl
Jeffrey A. Smith
Reuben J. Thomas
2014 Network Ecology and Adolescent Social Structure Journal Article Education
2014 Network Ecology and Adolescent Social Structure News Article
Dahlander, Linus
2014 Open to Suggestions: How Organizations Elicit Suggestions through Proactive and Reactive Attention Journal Article Management Science & Engineering
2014 Patients Respond More Positively to Physicians Who Focus on Their Ideal Affect Journal Article
2014 Public Attitudes Toward Immigration Journal Article
2014 Rethinking natural altruism: Simple reciprocal interactions trigger children’s benevolence Journal Article
2014 Social Networks: The Making of Female Migrant Sex Workers in Post-Socialist China Dissertation Anthropology
2014 The Upside of Accents: Language, Inter-group Difference, and Attitudes toward Immigration Journal Article
2014 What drives the gender gap in charitable giving? Lower empathy leads men to give less to poverty relief Journal Article
2014 You Can't Fix What You Don’t Look At: Acknowledging Race in Addressing Racial Discipline Disparities Journal Article
Dakhlallah, Diana
Corten, Rense
2013 A Community of Strangers: The Dis-Embedding of Social Ties Journal Article
2013 Differentiating Language Usage Through Topic Models Journal Article
2013 Discovering Value from Community Activity on Focused Question Answering Sites: A Case Study of Stack Overflow Journal Article
Elena Tej Grewal
2013 Exploring Socioeconomic Friendship Segregation in Schools Dissertation Education
2013 From Amateurs to Connoisseurs: Modeling the Evolution of User Expertise through Online Reviews Journal Article
2013 Hierarchical Models for Relational Event Sequences Journal Article
2013 Linguistic Models for Analyzing and Detecting Biased Language Journal Article
Craig Rawlings
2013 Making the Connection: Social Bonding in Courtship Situations Journal Article Sociology
2013 NIFTY: A System for Large Scale Information Flow Tracking and Clustering Journal Article
2013 No Country for Old Members: User Lifecycle and Linguistic Change in Online Communities Journal Article
2013 Social Networks Research in Higher Education News Article
2013 Steering User Behavior With Badges Journal Article
2013 Structure and Dynamics of Information Pathways in Online Media Journal Article
2013 Ties that Last: A Longitudinal Study of Tie Formation and Persistence Journal Article
Himabindu Lakkaraju
Julian McAuley
2013 What’s in a Name? Understanding the Interplay between Titles, Content, and Communities in Social Media Journal Article
2012 Clash of the Contagions: Cooperation and Competition in Information Diffusion Journal Article
2012 Classroom Ordering and the Situational Imperatives of Routine and Ritual Journal Article
2012 Defining and evaluating network communities based on ground-truth Journal Article
2012 Detecting Friendly, Flirtatious, Awkward, and Assertive Speech in Speed-Dates Journal Article
2012 Information Diffusion and External Influence in Networks Journal Article
2012 Latent multi-group membership graph model Journal Article
2012 Learning Attitudes and Attributes from Multi-Aspect Reviews Journal Article
2012 Learning to Discover Social Circles in Ego Networks Journal Article
2012 Measurement error in social network data: A re-classification Journal Article
Reuben J. Thomas
2012 Searching for a Mate Journal Article Sociology
2012 Transdisciplinary Translational Science and The Case of Preterm Birth Journal Article
McClintock, Elizabeth
Shafer, Emily Fitzgibbons
2011 Birth Control Use and Early, Unintended Births: Evidence for a Class Gradient Chapter in an Edited Volume Sociology
McClintock, Elizabeth Aura
2011 Handsome Wants as Handsome Does: Physical Attractiveness and Gender Differences in Revealed Sexual Preferences Journal Article Sociology
Gathmann, Christina
2011 Overseas Trade and the Decline of Privateering Journal Article Sociology
McClintock, Elizabeth A.
2011 Race, Class, Age, and Appearance: Matching, Exchange, and Other Properties of Dating and Marriage Markets Dissertation Sociology
Chin, Lynn
2011 Unifying the Divide: Effects of the Division of Labor on Person-To-Group Attachment Dissertation Sociology
Payne, B. Keith
Pasek, Josh
Lelkes, Yphtach
Akhtar, Omair
Tompson, Trevor
2010 Implicit and Explicit Prejudice in the 2008 American Presidential Election Journal Article Political Science
Snijders, Chris
Buskens, Vincent
Cheshire, Coye
2009 eTrust: Forming Relationships in the Online World Edited Volume Sociology
2009 Sociocultural Epistasis and Cultural Exaptation in Footbinding, Marriage Form, and Religious Rractices in Early 20th-Century Taiwan Journal Article Anthropology, Biology
Reuben J. Thomas
2006 Bowling Young: How Youth Voluntary Associations Influence Adult Political Participation Journal Article Education