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About the Center for Global Ethnography

Ethnography as a method of research and mode of understanding social issues and problems throughout the globe has become of great interest to scholars across the social sciences and humanities.

The Center for Global Ethnography brings together faculty and graduate students from a variety of disciplines who are engaged in ethnographic research. The Center serves those interested in linking ethnography with other research methods. In addition to showcasing interdisciplinary conversations and collaborations of ethnographic research, the Center trains graduate students for rigorous, meaningful, and ethical ethnographic fieldwork. 

The Center's program comprises three elements:

  • Faculty and student presentations
  • Themed panels and workshops
  • Teaching the craft of ethnography

Programs at the Center bring together faculty and students in innovative ways to encourage conversation of significant issues. The Center emphasizes preparation for fieldwork in its training. Students are trained for effective ethnographic fieldwork throughout the globe as well as in the United States. We emphasize the development of rigorous methodological and intellectual practices that incorporate fieldwork ethics.

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