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REP: Stanford Researcher Portal

The Research Experience Program (REP) is a resource for Stanford social science faculty and graduate students to recruit additional experimental subjects. REP is a collaborative effort between Stanford University and nearby community colleges to provide Stanford investigators access to an additional human subject pool. Students in introductory social science classes at local community colleges participate in REP research projects for course credit. 

REP research subjects

The REP is currently running at Foothill Community College and Mission College.

The REP subject pool runs year-round. Each quarter starts a new cycle of the REP. Applications must be submitted for each quarter that the researcher intends to run experiments. In addition, applications need to be submitted for each  project that will be run. The size of the subject pool varies each quarter, and averages about 450 subjects. Fall Quarter has the largest pool, recently at 750 subjects. For demographic questions, please contact the REP program director.

Application and deadlines

Researchers are invited to apply to the REP. To apply,  go to the page: Current REP Application. (Opens in a new tab. If link is inactive, applications are not being accepted at this time.)

Please see the Researcher Resources page for the current application deadlines for participation in REP.

Online applications complete with IRB protocol approval must be submitted by the deadlines listed on the Researcher Calendar. IRB approval for projects is required upon application. Please contact the program director for exceptions. All studies must be considered non-medical by the IRB.


If accepted, researchers are required to make a quarter-long commitment to the program and run their studies throughout the quarter from start to finish.

If accepted, researchers must be ready  to give a talk or tour, or other voluntary service with the REP students. Doing this will help contribute back to the community colleges that are generously sharing their time, energy, and resources by helping us collect information from their students. In talks and tours, researchers are encouraged to share information either about their study, their research interests, or practical college topics, with the aim of sparking interest and excitement in social science research. By participating in the REP, researchers must agree to provide the program with a short description of the results or preliminary findings which have been derived using the REP subjects at the end of each quarter.

Under the REP, subject allocation for faculty and graduate students with departmental degree requirements, such as dissertations or qualifying papers, are prioritized.  Undergraduate honors thesis research with faculty endorsement is currently allowed under the program.

Further information

For more information about the REP, visit the Researcher Resources page.