Stanford Alumni Research Experience Program

What is A-REP?

The Institute for Research in the Social Sciences (IRiSS) has a special program which engages Stanford alumni as volunteers in online Stanford social science research experiments. Known as the Alumni Research Experience Program (A-REP), it is a unique and fun opportunity for Stanford alumni to serve as human subjects for non-medical research. Participants contribute to scholars' examination of important questions of political science, economics, sociology, communication, and psychology. Studies may be surveys, or interactive websites (including puzzles and games, for example). The first survey you take is a prescreen survey with demographic questions from all the research projects. Participation is confidential and regulated by Stanford's Institutional Review Board.

All Stanford Alumni are welcome to participate. Online experiments run from February through May, and require an average of 30 minutes per study. (Occasionally studies may request a longer time commitment – if so this will be posted in the study description.) Studies may be done remotely—wherever participants have computer Internet access. 

This program is brought to you by IRiSS in collaboration with the Stanford Alumni Association.

To Register

You may register by clicking on the REGISTER NOW button at the top right of this page. Returning participants, please click and then login to your previous account.

Participation in Studies

When you login for the first time each year, you will need to take a brief prescreen survey. This provides the researchers with relevant demographic data. You may participate in studies after completing the initial prescreen survey. From the A-REP system, click on "view studies." You will see the title(s) of any studies available for your participation. Click on the title for a description of the study. At the bottom of the description page, click on "View timeslots for this study." Choose a timeslot to sign up for the study. After signing up, you will receive a link or further instructions from the researcher.

For further information on how to use the A-REP system, please see the A-REP Guide for Alumni. A guide to frequently asked questions is also available on the site.


For more information, please contact program director Carolyn Ybarra at

Research Results

2014 Studies: Preliminary findings from our second year will be available soon.

2013 Studies: Preliminary findings from our first full study session in 2013.

2009-2010 Studies:  Preliminary findings from the 2009-10 pilot program.