REP: Community College Student Portal

Through REP, you become a participant in social science research projects conducted by Stanford researchers. You earn credit as required by your community college class instructor. The program also offers talks and tours which you can attend to learn more about research in the social sciences.  If you have any questions, please contact the REP Administration at research-exp-program [at]

What you will be doing

During REP, you’ll be able to participate in a wide variety of projects that come from business, communications, education, political science, psychology, and sociology. Experiments are in different stages of the research process. This program can be fun for you, but it involves serious work for the researchers, who are using their research projects to write papers or complete their degree. Please answer questions honestly, and enjoy learning about how research is conducted. You might help researchers collect important data that will later be used for presentations and publications or provide researchers important feedback while they pre-test their research design. Students in online classes can complete the REP entirely online. Students in classes that meet in person may have a requirement to take some in-person studies.

Important deadlines

Please see your REP syllabus materials, provided by your community college course instructor, for current calendar and deadlines. The REP may end prior to the end of the term. You must sign up for the program and complete all the prerequisites by the deadlines listed on the REP syllabus materials. Past the deadline, you will not be allowed to sign up to take part in REP. The deadline for choosing the alternative assignment is the same as the REP signup deadline.

You should participate in studies throughout the quarter in a timely manner.  If you plan to take approximately 1 study each week (2 studies per week in summer), you should have no trouble fulfilling your course requirements.

Parking at Stanford

Please see your REP syllabus materials for parking information, for in-person studies conducted at Stanford. All parking rules and regulations are adhered to at Stanford. General visitor parking information is available on the Stanford Parking & Transportation website.

"How To" Guide

If you are currently participating in REP and need assistance using the online scheduling system and finding studies, please see the guide below.

How to create an account and sign up for studies

Have other questions?

Take a look at the FAQ page for more information on using the online scheduling system and participating in the studies.

Current students, please email research-exp-program [at] (research-exp-program[at]stanford[dot]edu) with any questions that are not addressed in syllabus materials.