RA Internship: Stanford Student Portal

The RA Intern Program matches community college students who have participated at least one quarter in IRiSS's Research Experience Program and have been recommended by their faculty members with Stanford social science graduate students who want interns to assist with their research. Interns can help with any stage of the research process, including bibliographic searches, running studies,  acting as confederates, and coding data. 

Why participate

The goal of the program is for Stanford students to get free research help while giving back to the community by training students who would otherwise not have an opportunity to help with research. Our past RAs have gone on to transfer to 4-year colleges and a few have gone on to graduate school. The goal for the students is to help them decide on majors, whether to pursue research, and whether grad school might be right for them. The experience also helps with transfer applications and job interviews.

Time commitment

The internship periods are roughly July and August for summer interns, and the dates of the Stanford academic year for academic year interns. Hours in summer are 6 hours per week minimum, by mutual arrangement. They do not need to be enrolled in summer so they may work up to 25 hours per week. Hours in the academic year are a minimum of 3 hours per week to a maximum of 15 hours per week by mutual agreement. RAs are enrolled at the community college during the academic year.


Stanford graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the six social science departments, the Graduate School of Education, and the Graduate School of Business are eligible to work with an intern.

Interested in working with an intern?

Please contact ybarra [at] stanford.edu (Carolyn Ybarra) if you would like to review RA Intern applications to look for a student who might be a good fit to work with you. The review period is in May, with a supplemental review period in October.