REP: Community College Faculty Portal

What is the Research Experience Program?

The Research Experience Program (REP) is a free partnership between Stanford and local community colleges that allows instructors like you to directly expose your students to current cutting edge social science research for an entire quarter.  REP accepts both in-person (Face-to-Face) classes and online classes. Participation occurs entirely online. The REP brings Stanford research projects to  community college courses so that students can gain firsthand experience with social science studies, particularly those that utilize experiments and surveys.

How will your students benefit?

Enhancing their community college experience:

Your students will get the opportunity to participate in many different kinds of studies: online surveys, online experiments, group activities, individual activities, interviews from a wide variety of social science disciplines including psychology, sociology, communications, political science, education, and business. Results of the research will be made available to your students.

Engaging with Stanford:

Stanford University REP researchers will also take your students on tours of social science labs on campus.  If you're interested,  visiting speakers can come to your class; all of our participating researchers are obligated to be ready to give short presentations about their topics of interest.    

Want to participate in REP?

If you would like your course to participate in the REP or if you have any questions, please contact the REP Administration at research-exp-program [at] (research-exp-program[at]stanford[dot]edu).  Please email us with:

  1.  your name
  2.  your email address
  3.  your telephone number
  4.  the course title and number
  5.  whether your course is online or in-person
  6.  an estimate of your course enrollment

We would need to know whether you intend to enroll your course into the REP at least 10 weeks in advance of the start date of the start of the term so we can figure out how many researchers we can accept to be in the program for an upcoming quarter.  In case you do change your mind, we do have a final withdrawal deadline 4 weeks before the start of the quarter.

More questions before you join REP? Already using REP but have questions?

If you would like to learn more about REP, how to incorporate it into your classes, or for help with deadlines, credits, or the online scheduling system, please visit our Guide to Incorporating REP into Your Courses.