Past Programs

Data, Society, and Inference Seminar (2012–2020)

Network Forum (2013–2018)

Living Better Together Lecture Series (2017)

Lunch & Learn: Essential Social Science Research Tools (2015–2017)

Lunch & Learn was a series of informational workshops for graduate students (and others) to learn or brush up on research tools commonly used for social science research at Stanford. 

Methods of Analysis Program in the Social Sciences (2007–2014)

The Mimir Project (2007–2012)

Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education (EDGE)

Trust Studies

The Sharing Economy

Computational Text Analysis in the Social Sciences

Interdisciplinary student group that improved methodological and computational skills, maintained a repository of text analysis resources, and held a bi-weekly workshop.

Computational Social Science Workshops

The Computational Social Science Workshop was a week-long event to train students in computational techniques for social science research. Topics taught included Python, R, and web scraping.

Cultures, Minds, and Medicines Certificate

The Cultures, Minds and Medicines certificate focused on the difference between disease (the physical condition) and illness (how the disease is experience) and how culture impacts that experience.  The certificate consisted of a series of bi-weekly seminars and one course outside the student’s degree-granting program.