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CSS Certificate Requirements

Students must complete each of the following to obtain a CSS Certificate. Courses must be taken for a letter grade.

1. Computer science proficiency:

  • CS 106A-B (or demonstrated equivalent proficiency)

2. Introduction to computational social science (pick one course):

  • MS&E 231: Introduction to Computational Social Science
  • COMM 382: Big Data and Causal Inference

3. Network Science (pick 1 course):

  • SOC 369/EDUC 316: Social Network Methods
  • CS 224W: Social and Information Network Analysis
  • ECON 291: Social and Economic Networks
  • OB 622: Topics in Social Networks  Analysis: Structure and Dynamics

 4. Natural Language Processing (pick 1 course):

  • LINGUIST 278: Programming for Linguists
  • CS 124/LINGUIST 180/280: From Languages to Information
  • CS 224N/LINGUIST 284: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning
  • CS 224S: Spoken Language Processing
  • LINGUIST 281: Computational Models of Linguistic Formalism
  • POLISCI 452: Text as Data

5.  Additional Courses/Training (recommended but optional):

  • CS 448B: Data Visualization
  • CS 246: Mining Massive Data Sets
  • CSS summer workshop

6. Interdisciplinary project

Students must conduct one directed research course that involves faculty from both computer science and a social science department.  The course would require the student to meet with these faculty to develop a computational social science project that can be submitted either to a conference proceeding or a journal.