Barbara Voss

Barbara Voss
Burn Layer: The Archaeology of Anti-Immigrant Violence
2015 Faculty Fellowship

This project looks at the 1887 fire that burned down San Jose’s Chinatown as a way of viewing the anti-Chinese movement during that time period. Voss will review heat-affected artifacts from the fire, analyze newspaper archives for evidence of spatial and material practices associated with inter-ethnic violence, and review the political, economic, and public responses surrounding both the fire and the anti-Chinese movement as a whole.

The Archaeology of Transpacific Migration: Wuyi Qiaoxiang Archaeology Project, Guangdong, China
2015 Faculty Seed Grant
Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project: Social Identity and Consumer Practices in 19th-Century Santa Clara County
2012 Faculty Fellowship
Pilot Study, Archaeology of the Urban Environment in 19th-Century San Jose, CA
2011 Faculty Seed Grant

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