Political Science

Soyoung Lee

Valuable to Any and None: What States Fight for and Why
2022 Dissertation Fellowship
History Textbooks and Political Attitudes
2022 Research Data Grant
Valuable to Any and None: What States Fight For and Why
2021 American Democracy Fellowship
Examining Public Perception of National Interest in International Politics
2021 Research Data Grant
Examining the Public Salience of Territorial Conflicts
2020 American Democracy Fellowship
Soyoung's project through the Center for American Democracy at IRiSS examines how the diffuseness of an issue's benefits affects the public's perception of the issue as national interest. Her broader research agenda includes topics of nationalism, territorial conflicts, and international rivalries. 



All's Well that Ends Well?: Importance of Foreign Policy Outcome on Incumbent Approval
2019 American Democracy Fellowship
All’s Well That Ends Well? Policy Choice and Incumbent Approval
2018–19 Survey Lab Project

Public opinion has the power to influence decision-making at both individual and societal levels. At the individual level, behavior is shaped by beliefs about how other people feel about a given social issue. At the societal level, policy makers and organizational leaders rely on public opinion to make decisions, though they may often act on perceived rather than actual opinion. In the case of climate change, a majority of Americans accept the science that the Earth has been getting warmer, but they also consistently underestimate climate change belief in the general population. Using experiments embedded in surveys, my work investigates the causes of this misperception of public opinion and potential intervention strategies to rectify it.