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The Research Experience Program (REP) is a mutually beneficial research collaboration between Stanford University and local community colleges. REP enables community college students to participate in formal social science research experiments conducted by Stanford researchers and earn course credit for those enrolled in courses participating in the REP. The program also vastly expands the pool of research subjects available for Stanford researchers, enabling them to conduct more robust and timely experiments. 

Participation in formal social science experiments for course credit is standard practice at most American four-year institutions of higher learning. However, many local community colleges are not able to provide their students this sort of pedagogical enrichment because formal research is not regularly conducted on community college campuses. The REP enriches the student experience by allowing community college students to participate in social science research projects, and gain exposure to the research process which may help inform their professional paths.  

Since its inception in fall 2007, the program has grown from six pilot researchers to more than 30 researchers. There are two subject pools:  one of 450-700 students, which can be drawn upon for face-to-face or online studies; and one of up to 1000 Stanford alumni volunteers who are available for online studies only (through a program called the Alumni Research Experience Program).  We hope to continue growing these subject pools as resources become available.  

REP is open to the entire Stanford community.  Questions or comments about the REP may be directed to

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