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Training Methods


Interdisciplinary student group that improves methodological and computational skills, maintains a repository of text analysis resources, and holds a bi-weekly workshop

books about survey research

The survey lab helps graduate students to conduct original surveys of nationally representative samples of adults. Students conduct surveys and participate in a seminar.

paper certificate showing completion of the computational social science program
The computational social science certificate is a series of 6 classes that aid social science students in acquiring the computational skills needed for CSS research.
conference room full of students working on laptops as part of a workshop class

The computational social science workshop is a week-long event to train students in computational techniques for social science research. Topics taught include Python, R, and web scraping.

man dressed in military fatigues shines light into child's mouth as part of medical examination

The Cultures, Minds and Medicines certificate focuses on the difference between disease (the physical condition) and illness (how the disease is experience) and how culture impacts that experience.  The certificate consists of a series of bi-weekly seminars and one course outside the student’s major.

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Learn about research while eating your lunch! Lunch & Learn is a set of informational workshops for graduate students (and others) to learn or brush up on research tools commonly used for social science research at Stanford. 

woman interviewing man in studio

IRiSS supports the use of qualitative methods in social science research