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Graduate Students

IRiSS Dissertation Fellows

Nathan Acebo picture

Nathan Acebo

Indigenous Persistence and Resistance in the North American Colonial Hinterlands: Re-Assembling Puhu Village

I grew up in the east San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area and subsequently attended Cal Poly Pomona, where I completed my BS in Anthropology with an emphasis in Cultural Resource Management. Over the last four years I’ve participated in community based archaeological projects in the Mojave Desert, southern Channel Islands, and California Coast. My current project is based in the southern Los Angeles basin/Orange county area incorporating urban and rural sites.

Rodrigo Carril

The Economics of Public Procurement
Dean Chahim picture

Dean Chahim

Draining the Infinite Metropolis: Engineering and the Mundanity of Disaster in Mexico City
Gabriel Chiu photo

Gabriel Chiu

The Rise of Entrepreneurship in China
MJ Cho picture

MJ Cho

The Dynamics of Thinking and Feeling Experiences on Smartphone

I am a PhD candidate at the Department of Communication at Stanford University. I specialize in the study of media processing and effects with a particular focus on media sequencing that is enabled by digital media technology.

Mashail Malik picture

Mashail Malik

Political Science
Why do Ethnic Parties Flourish or Die? The Microfoundations of Identity Politics in Pakistan's Megacity

Mashail Malik is a Ph.D. Candidate with an interest in comparative politics and international relations.

Tony Marks-Block picture

Tony Marks-Block

The Socio-ecological Effects of Indigenous Burning in California's Klamath Basin

I was raised in southeast San Francisco where I was active in environmental justice movements and ecological restoration projects. After graduating with a degree in Natural Resources from Cornell University I spent six years developing participatory action research projects with youth of color in Oakland, California, on local air and water quality issues.

Daniel O'Leary Photo

Daniel O'Leary

Socioeconomic status and obesity: an affective science perspective.
Eric Smith Photo

Eric Smith

Broadening the Scope: How Messages of Broad Care Drive Academic Investment

I am passionate about developing social-psychological interventions to increase success & well-being in learning contexts.
This encompasses research on emotion regulation, stress mindsets, mentorship, and broadening instructor messages.

Michael Webb picture

Michael Webb

What Can Artificial Intelligence Do?
Tong Tong Zhang picture

Tongtong Zhang

Political Science
Fining for Living: Central-Local Struggle in the Relaxation of One-Child Policy

Tongtong Zhang is a Ph.D. Candidate with an interest in international relations and comparative politics.