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Nathan Acebo

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Nathan Acebo



I grew up in the east San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area and subsequently attended Cal Poly Pomona, where I completed my BS in Anthropology with an emphasis in Cultural Resource Management. Over the last four years I’ve participated in community based archaeological projects in the Mojave Desert, southern Channel Islands, and California Coast. My current project is based in the southern Los Angeles basin/Orange county area incorporating urban and rural sites.

My research interests include: the formation of multi-ethnic identities; active collaboration with indigenous and non-native minority stakeholder communities; and utilizing the theoretical perspectives of indigenous archaeology, post-colonialism, ethnogenesis, and social disjuncture to understand the intersection of prehistoric and historic era materiality and identities within the greater context of contemporary Californian society. I am also interested in quantitative analysis concerning idiosyncratic style in lithics and historic period cultural material.