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MJ Cho

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MJ Cho



I am a PhD candidate at the Department of Communication at Stanford University. I specialize in the study of media processing and effects with a particular focus on media sequencing that is enabled by digital media technology.

My research utilizes naturally-occurring, content-rich data to investigate sequence effects at multiple timescales and across various information domains, answering questions such as: Does consumption of negative content lead to the selection of positive content in between smartphone use sessions? What is the diurnal pattern of factual content consumption on personal digital devices? How do digital media users balance their choices about producing vs. consuming content and about the consumption of social vs. non-social content?

I am a member of the Stanford Screenomics Lab, where I help manage our cloud computing infrastructure and develop tools for information extraction, machine learning, and statistical modeling. I was a Stanford Computational Social Science Fellow in 2017 - 2018. I am currently a Dissertation Fellow for the Stanford Institute for Research in the Social Sciences, and a recipient of the Brown Institute for Media Innovation Magic Grant.

Outside of my professional life domain, I enjoy reading about history, philosophy, and literature. Some of my favorite topics include Taoist thoughts and the Book of Changes. I also study math for fun and am an amateur powerlifter.