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Matt DeBell

Director of Stanford Operations, ANES
Matt DeBell

Matt is the director of Stanford operations for the ANES. He is a survey methodologist who contributes to study design and questionnaire development, manages contracts for data collection, oversees field operations, develops quality assurance procedures, and documents and analyzes data. He also supervises Stanford staff, research assistants, and subcontractors. Matt received his Ph.D. in government from Georgetown University.

Robert M. Worcester Prize
2022 Awardee

From the World Association for Public Opinion Research website:

"The esteemed Robert M. Worcester Prize is given annually to an outstanding paper published in the International Journal of Public Opinion Research. The award committee comments that, with the rise of online surveys, it becomes crucial to address the issue of respondents’ cheating on political knowledge questions on online data collection mode. This paper tackles this problem using survey experiments with multiple datasets. This research has the potential to generate greater interest in knowledge questions within the realm of online surveys and advances effective ways of addressing this issue. It is also extremely well written – structured, precise, consequential, and presents clear hypotheses, arguments, and conclusions."