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Gonzalo Arrieta

man with brown hair and facial hair in collared shirt

Gonzalo Arrieta

American Democracy Graduate Fellows


Gonzalo Arrieta is a Ph.D. candidate in the Economics Department at Stanford University. His research focuses on paternalism and welfare, with a focus on how individuals think about others’ welfare. His work through the Center for American Democracy at IRiSS examines which accounts of well-being individuals adhere to when choosing for others, which helps us shed light on how individuals conceive welfare and inform policy accordingly. He also carries out experiments that provide evidence on how paternalistic experts determine what is good and bad for clients, and how paternalistic proclivities materialize in consequential restrictions or procedural ones. Gonzalo is also investigating the intrafamily dynamics of health shocks: how family members can operate as informal insurance upon the realization of a health shock. He holds a B.A. in Economics from Universidad de Montevideo.