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Charles Gomez

The New Globalization of Science
2013 CSS Fellowship

At no other point in history has science been as much of a “global enterprise” as it is today, characterized by the dramatic increase in the mobility of scientists between countries. This “global science” is the driver behind solutions to the most daunting challenges of the 21st century. The resources, knowledge, and expertise necessary for these pursuits are embodied by the scientists scattered across the world. To that end, my broader research agenda is to better understand how modern science is shaped by globalization, specifically the global mobility of scientists. I will explore how mobility shapes scientists in four ways by examining their (1) careers, (2) collaboration patterns, (3) citation patterns, and (4) research foci in an emerging order of global science. I will conduct a comprehensive study using data from Thomas Reuters’s Web of Science, which curates nearly every scholarly publication. I will use tools from data mining, social network analysis, and the emerging field of computational linguistics to study how different degrees of mobility affect scientists, with policy implications for higher education both in the U.S. and worldwide.