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Shanto Iyengar and team win major NSF grant to study 2024 election

The National Science Foundation awarded $14 million to a multi-university team including Stanford, the University of Michigan, Duke, and the University of Texas at Austin to continue advancing the work of the American National Election Studies, the most comprehensive data set on the American electorate. The 2024 study will extend two separate panel studies from the 2016 and 2020 elections, re-interviewing the same respondents in order to glean important insights into how voters are responding to this unusually turbulent period of electoral politics in the US.

For further details about the 2024 proposal, read the official press release at the ANES website. To learn more about the history and significance of the ANES, listen to Iyengar in conversation with IRiSS Advisory Board member Rich Jaroslovsky.  Finally, for a recent example of how ANES data inform our understanding of the American electorate, see Thomas Edsall's opinion piece about belief polarization in the New York Times.