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Dec 13 2017
Posted in: IRiSS
Stanford psychology professor Carol Dweck received the inaugural Yidan Prize, honoring her innovative contributions to education research.
Dec 5 2017
Posted in: CPI, Faculty, IRiSS
To spur innovation, it helps to have the right environment. And according to a comprehensive analysis by SIEPR Senior Fellow Raj Chetty and his colleagues, key factors that determine who becomes an inventor are coming up short for women, minorities and children from low-income families.
Dec 5 2017 | Stanford News
Posted in: CPI, Faculty, IRiSS
For years, parents and policymakers have looked to test scores to gauge the effectiveness of school districts and teachers. New research from Stanford Graduate School of Education Professor Sean Reardon provides a different measure: students’ academic progress over a period of years.
Nov 30 2017 | The New York Times
Posted in: CAROL, Faculty, IRiSS
Mitchell Stevens, Director of the Center for Advanced Research through Online Learning, and Emily Levine comment on recent tax changes related to universities and education and the history of the relationship between academia and government. 
Oct 31 2017 | Stanford News
Posted in: IRiSS
Eager to help local communities during the 2008 financial crisis, Claire Dunning, then a fresh college graduate, took a program assistant position at a Boston foundation. A historian by training, she was struck by the nonprofit sector’s great responsibilities – addressing poverty, improving...