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Jan 19 2017 | Silicon Angle
Posted in: CSS
Stanford researchers are using deep learning to detect diabetic retinopathy, one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide.
Jan 19 2017 | Stanford News
Posted in: CPI, Faculty, IRiSS
Colleges with the highest upward mobility rates, that is, the highest percentages of students that come from the bottom fifth of the income distribution and end up in the top fifth in their early 30's, are overwhelming public universities. Raj Chetty, CPI affiliate and Stanford economics professor...
Jan 5 2017 | KQED
Posted in: CPI, Faculty, IRiSS
David Grusky, Director of the Center on Poverty and Inequality, explains the upward mobility crisis in the United States. 
Jan 4 2017 | BeWell Stanford
Posted in: IRiSS
Marily Oppezzo, former REP researcher and who has a PhD from psychology, was interviewed by BeWell and featured in today’s Stanford Report. She mentioned that “Cognitively, walking can help you be more creative,” which was a finding from her REP research, among several other suggestions for forming...
Dec 13 2016 | Stanford News
Posted in: CPI, Faculty, IRiSS
Young people entering the workforce today are far less likely to earn more than their parents when compared to children born two generations before them, according to a new study by Stanford researchers, Raj Chetty and David Grusky.