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Jul 30 2019
Posted in: IRiSS
IRiSS is pleased to announce the addition of two avid supporters of the social sciences to its advisory board. Mark Vander Ploeg brings over 35 years of investment banking experience and is currently pursuing a Master of Liberal Arts degree at Stanford. Birong Hu has a stellar background in STEM...
Jul 8 2019
Posted in: IRiSS
Sarah Rapaso of the Stanford Life-span Development Laboratory partnered with IRiSS's Alumni Research Experience Program (AREP) to conduct a pilot study addressing how individuals view saving for their future 70- or 80-year-old selves. Stanford alumni volunteer to be part of a subject pool for...
Jun 25 2019
Posted in: Faculty, IPL, IRiSS
Immigration Policy Lab codirector Jens Hainmuller and his IPL colleagues Duncan Lawrence, Jeremy Ferwerda, and Jeremy Weinstein carried out a study assessing how refugees integrated into U.S.
Jun 21 2019
Posted in: IRiSS, Staff
IRiSS is pleased to welcome Josh Quan to its staff, who will fill the role of academic technology specialist - a crucial resource for supporting faculty and fellows' research. He has several years experience working as a data librarian in an academic environment, building up data science resources...
Jun 20 2019
Posted in: Faculty, IRiSS
Stanford political scientist Jonathan Rodden, a 2016-17 IRiSS Faculty Fellow, has released Why Cities Lose: The Deep Roots of the Urban-Rural Political Divide, a book which explores the the structural and historical factors that have led to the significant political polarization between urban and...