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Oct 2 2017 | Stanford News
Posted in: CSS, IRiSS
Computer science graduate student Reid Pryzant and Stanford linguist Dan Jurafsky applied a machine learning technique to analyze more than 90,000 food and health-related product descriptions and their sales data on the Japanese e-commerce marketplace Rakuten.
Sep 25 2017 | Stanford News
Posted in: CSS, Faculty, IRiSS
Conversational software programs might provide patients a less risky environment for discussing mental health, but they come with some risks to privacy or accuracy. Stanford scholars Jeff Hancock, Arnold Milstein, and Adam Miner, discuss the pros and cons of this trend.
Sep 12 2017 | Stanford News
Posted in: IRiSS
The sharing economy has had issues with diversity with some users hesitant to interact with individuals of a different race, age, or gender. According to recent research by Bruno Abrahao, Paolo Parigi, Alok Gupta, and Karen Cook, using a rating system may help overcome bias. 
Sep 12 2017 | Stanford News
Posted in: Immigration, IRiSS
Stanford researchers found that DACA protections offered to immigrant mothers can significantly improve the health and development of their children. These findings offer a timely perspective in the wake of the Trump administration’s decision to rescind the program.
Aug 8 2017
Posted in: IRiSS
The Immigration Policy Lab launched a new website! Explore their projects, learn about the policy solutions improving the lives of refugees and immigrants, and meet the team at