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Mar 30 2020
Posted in: American Democracy, IRiSS
The Stanford Center for American Democracy (SCAD) at IRiSS is a multidisciplinary effort to address fundamental questions about American democracy, institutions, and the American electorate. SCAD convenes Stanford faculty, graduate students, and the broader community of Stanford researchers from...
Mar 30 2020
Posted in: IRiSS
The Santa Clara County shelter-in-place order was instituted just as IRiSS was in the process of finalizing security measures to certify the expanded Federal Statistical Research Data Center (RDC) for opening.  The original facility on Alta Road has been serving 50 researchers, which need to...
Mar 19 2020
Posted in: Faculty, IRiSS
Freakonomic's most recent episode, “The Side Effects of Social Distancing” addresses the economic impacts that COVID-19 and the social distancing policy will have on the economy, work, education, and the environment. Stanford economist and IRiSS Advisory Board member Nick Bloom, along with...
Mar 18 2020
Posted in: American Democracy, American Democracy Research, IRiSS
The American National Election Studies (ANES) has surveyed the American electorate every U.S. presidential election year since 1948, collecting valuable time series data relating to citizens' social backgrounds, political predispositions, evaluations of candidates' traits,  amongst many other...
Mar 16 2020
Posted in: American Democracy, CSS, Ethnography, IRiSS
In compliance with University and Santa Clara County policies, IRiSS professional staff will be working remotely for the following weeks and IRiSS facilities will be closed. Many IRiSS programs will continue to operate - specifically those that are conducted online or can be translated to a virtual...