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Aug 25 2015 | Stanford GSB
Posted in: Faculty, IRiSS
Co-Director of the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, Paul Brest, explains how social impact investing is changing the way philanthropy is done.
Aug 19 2015 | Stanford Report
Posted in: Faculty, IRiSS
New research reveals that most social science surveys are not accurately representing sex and gender. Because our surveys should accurately reflect today's diversity, IRiSS Faculty Fellow, Aliya Saperstein says survey designers should consider more dynamic ways of approaching the question of sex...
Jun 30 2015 | New York Times
Posted in: Faculty, IRiSS
Greeks do not uniformly reject austerity measures, according to a recent New York Times article by IRiSS affiliate, Jens Hainmueller. Instead, most Greeks might approve a deal that would include both spending cuts and steep tax increases, as long some areas — pensions, education and marginal income...
Jun 25 2015 | Stanford Report
Posted in: Faculty, IRiSS
According to new research from Sean Reardon, affiliate of the Center on Poverty and Inequality, middle-class black and Hispanic households live in poorer neighborhoods than white and Asian families with similar incomes. Upward mobility continues to be a problem for many of these populations
May 14 2015 | New York Times
Posted in: Faculty, IRiSS
What if we could combine the social and humanitarian crisis in Detroit and Syria to produce something positive? David Laitin explores the possibilities in this article.