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Mar 28 2016 | Stanford Report
Posted in: Faculty, IRiSS
Stanford researchers analyze the recent bombings in Brussels, looking at the neighborhood where the terrorists lived, the source of foreign fighters, and other European countries' plans to fight terrorism. Co-director of the Immigration Policy Lab, David Laitin, discusses which groups are more...
Mar 21 2016 | Stanford Report
Posted in: CSS, IRiSS
The Raw Data podcast opens a conversation about how big data and networked technologies are changing communities, the economy, politics and human behavior.
Mar 17 2016 | TED Talks
Posted in: Faculty, IRiSS
For a company based on the idea of people sharing their homes with strangers, trust is essential. Airbnb teamed up with IRiSS Director Karen Cook and IRiSS affiliate Paolo Parigi to study trust. They learned that while normally people trust those most similar to them, when those people are "...
Posted in: IRiSS, Staff
What are the greatest challenges for U.S. immigration policy? How can we solve the issue of unaccompanied children coming from Latin America? Duncan Lawrence, Executive Director of the Immigration Policy Lab, answers these and other questions for The Stanford Political Journal.
Mar 10 2016
Posted in: CSS, Faculty, IRiSS
Stanford faculty, Ashish Goel, has designed an algorithm where voters can design a budget that reflects their priorities as a way of informing politicians about what people really want.