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May 26 2016
Posted in: IRiSS
A new paper dispels the myth that economic elites frequently move from high-tax to low-tax states. Using 13 years of tax-return data on all millionaire tax filers in the United States, CPI associate director Charles Varner and his coauthors show that millionaire tax flight is occurring, but only at...
May 25 2016 | Foreign Policy
Posted in: Faculty, IRiSS
It has long been believed that the Chinese government has 2 million people working to improve the government's image through social media. Recent research by Jennifer Pan, CSS Affiliate, and coauthors, estimates that the government fabricates about 448 million social media comments per year....
May 20 2016 | Washington Post
Posted in: Faculty, IRiSS
Women are often thought to spend a large amount of time getting ready for work. While some may dismiss this "primping" as vanity, new research shows that if women don't participate in this hair and makeup routine, they risk losing a substantial amount of money. Research from IRiSS visiting scholar...
May 18 2016 | Stanford Business
Posted in: Faculty, IRiSS
A new study by Stanford political scientist Jens Hainmueller in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows how citizenship can strengthen social and political bonds. Results from the study indicate that more socially marginalized groups, such as immigrants from Turkey and the former...
Posted in: CPI, Faculty, IRiSS
It’s all about a feedback gap! Read more about the gap in new research by Shelley Correll, CPI research group leader, and Caroline Simard, research director at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research.