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Jan 5 2016
Posted in: CPI, IRiSS
Corruption, deals benefiting the wealthy, low-performing schools, and unequal risks of incarceration have all contributed to "bad" inequality in the economy, opposed to the natural type of inequality that comes from fair and open competition. David Grusky, Director of the Center on Poverty and...
Nov 19 2015 | Stanford Report
Posted in: CSS
Four undergraduates have co-founded CS+Social Good, an organization that  encourages students to use their passion for technology to improve the world around them.
Nov 18 2015 | Stanford Report
Posted in: IRiSS
Karen Cook, IRiSS Director, explains in her recent research that people with less power want their more powerful partners in negotiations to be trustworthy and why they act based on that perceived trustworthiness.
Oct 29 2015 | Stanford Medicine
Posted in: CSS, Faculty, IRiSS
Hackers with access to a person’s genome will be able to see if that genome is in an international network of disease databases. This could be a large privacy issue as they could see who has certain medical conditions, such as heart disease, lung cancer, or autism.
Oct 20 2015 | NPR
Posted in: CSS, IRiSS, Students
Huge amounts of data on individual patients is changing how medicine is practiced.