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May 27 2019
Posted in: CAROL, Faculty, IRiSS
IRiSS co-sponsored the final event in a year-long series of town hall discussions on the future of learning, opportunity, and work on May 15, 2019. Professor Mitchell Stevens, director of the Center for Advanced Research through Online Learning, hosted a conversation with Arizona State University...
Nov 26 2018
Posted in: IRiSS
The Economist, in its October 27 printed edition, cited the work of the Center on Poverty and Inequality.  In an article on “Why one of America’s richest states is also its poorest, the magazine reported on the work that the Center is doing jointly with the Public Policy Institute of California on...
Nov 12 2018
Posted in: IRiSS
As the 2020 presidential election approaches, what the American electorate is thinking is top of mind for many. That’s especially true for political scientist SHANTO IYENGAR, who will spend the next two years asking Americans what they think about U.S. politics.
Jun 28 2018 | Stanford SIEPR
Posted in: IRiSS
Artificial intelligence may be getting the lion’s share of attention as the technological disruptor du jour. But another — albeit less sensational — advance could prove to be another game-changer: cloud computing. The growing availability of convenient, seemingly endless cloud-based digital storage...
Jun 20 2018 | Stanford News
Posted in: IRiSS
In a series of laboratory studies, former postdoctoral fellow Paul O’Keefe, along with Stanford psychologists Carol Dweck and Gregory Walton, examined beliefs that may lead people to succeed or fail at developing their interests. Mantras like “find your passion” carry hidden implications, the...