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Mar 29 2021
Posted in: CSS, IRiSS
Stanford IRiSS is home to one of approximately 30 Federal Statistical Research Data Centers (FSRDCs) scattered across the country. Since 2010, IRiSS has hosted the Stanford FSRDC at its 30 Alta Road office. Researchers with approved projects can access microdata from the Census Bureau’s economic...
Feb 23 2021
Posted in: American Democracy, American Democracy Research, IRiSS
Research on the reactions of majorities to Muslim minorities in Western Europe has focused on exclusion – opposition to immigration, prejudice towards minorities, the surge in support for the far right, understandably.  The Inclusive Politics Project takes research in a new direction.  It focuses...
Jan 26 2021
Posted in: IRiSS
The new year brings three new additions to the IRiSS Advisory Board. Stanford IRiSS is delighted to welcome these new leaders in business and philanthropy to its ranks.
Jan 5 2021
Posted in: IRiSS
A collaborative workplace is the goal of many organizations for good reason; in the entrepreneurial world, it fosters an effective exchange of ideas and resources that speeds up development and leads to more innovative, higher-quality products. However, collaboration is not a given outcome,...
Dec 7 2020
Posted in: IRiSS
The IRiSS Advisory Board gained a sharp academic mind with the addition of Dr. Michael McPherson to the group. He has had a remarkable career with notable contributions to academia in research and leadership capacities.