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Feb 23 2021
Posted in: American Democracy, American Democracy Research, IRiSS
Research on the reactions of majorities to Muslim minorities in Western Europe has focused on exclusion – opposition to immigration, prejudice towards minorities, the surge in support for the far right, understandably.  The Inclusive Politics Project takes research in a new direction.  It focuses...
Jan 26 2021
Posted in: IRiSS
The new year brings three new additions to the IRiSS Advisory Board. Stanford IRiSS is delighted to welcome these new leaders in business and philanthropy to its ranks.
Jan 5 2021
Posted in: IRiSS
A collaborative workplace is the goal of many organizations for good reason; in the entrepreneurial world, it fosters an effective exchange of ideas and resources that speeds up development and leads to more innovative, higher-quality products. However, collaboration is not a given outcome,...
Dec 7 2020
Posted in: IRiSS
The IRiSS Advisory Board gained a sharp academic mind with the addition of Dr. Michael McPherson to the group. He has had a remarkable career with notable contributions to academia in research and leadership capacities.   
Nov 23 2020
Posted in: IRiSS
Malaria, one of the oldest diseases to affect humanity, remains a very real problem in the modern world. Its most devastating consequence is the approximately one million deaths a year from the disease. Despite decades-long efforts at eradication, prevalence is on the increase. With rising global...