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Panel on race and justice in America sparks ongoing conversation

Jun 8 2020

As mass demonstrations took place nationwide honoring George Floyd and demanding reforms in policing, Stanford political scientist and Center for American Democracy Faculty Fellow Hakeem Jefferson brought the discussion on race and the American criminal justice system to an academic forum on Thursday, June 4th. The conversation was broadcast for the scholarly community and broader public, with over 2,400 individuals tuning in, and featured a panel of social scientists from across the U.S. and Canada who discussed contemporary protests, police reform, and the state of research on race and policing in the Academy. Jefferson concluded with a call for continued discussion over social media channels (#RaceAndJusticeConvo) and promised more conversations with the panelists, to be shared with the public in the future.


Christian Davenport - Political Science, University of Michigan | @engagedscholar 

Laurel Eckhouse - Political Science, University of Denver | @l_eckhouse

Allison Harris - Political Science, Yale University | @AlliPatter

Megan Ming Francis - Political Science, University of Washington | @meganfrancis 

Jenn M. Jackson - Department of Political Science, Syracuse University | @JennMJacksonPhD 

Ayobami Laniyonu - Assistant Professor at the Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies,  University of Toronto | @Ayo_Laniyonu

Jonathan Mummolo - Political Science, Princeton University | @jonmummolo

Vesla Weaver - Sociology & Political Science, John Prof at Hopkins University | @VeslaWeaver

Ariel White - Political Science, MIT | @ArielRWhite

For a summary of the discussion, see the Stanford Daily's coverage.

A recording of the event is available online.