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NSF grant funds study of what Americans think about U.S. politics

Nov 12 2018

As the 2020 presidential election approaches, what the American electorate is thinking is top of mind for many. That’s especially true for political scientist SHANTO IYENGAR, who will spend the next two years asking Americans what they think about U.S. politics.

Thanks to a $3.825 million grant Stanford is receiving from the National Science Foundation, Iyengar will co-lead a team with colleagues from Michigan’s Institute for Social Research in conducting surveys designed to shed light on the dynamics of voter decision-making. The researchers hope to uncover the determinants of vote choice and political participation in the next presidential election.

The project, American National Election Studies (ANES), will focus on questions that go to the heart of democratic governance, including citizens’ satisfaction with their government and their ability to hold political leaders accountable. Stanford’s Institute for Research in the Social Sciences and Michigan have partnered on such surveys for 12 years. This year’s grant totals $10.35 million for both organizations.