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2019-2020 Dissertation Fellowships Announced

Jun 12 2019

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IRiSS is pleased to announce the awardees for the 2019-2020 Dissertation Fellowships:


* Nathan Acebo, Anthropology - Project Title: Indigenous Persistence and Resistance in the North American Colonial Hinterlands

* Dean Chahim, Anthropology - Project Title: Draining the Infinite Metropolis: Engineering and the Mundanity of Disaster in Mexico City

* Tony  Marks-Block, Anthropology - Project Title: The Socio-ecological Effects of Indigenous Burning in California's Klamath Basin

* Mu-Jung Cho, Communication - Project Title: The Dynamics of Thinking and Feeling Experiences on Smartphone

* Rodrigo Carril, Economics -  Project Title: The Economics of Public Procurement

* Michael Webb,  Economics - Project Title: What Can Artificial Intelligence Do?

* Edgar Franco Vivanco, Political Science - Project Title: Strategies of Indigenous Resistance and Accommodation

* Mashail Malik, Political Science - Project Title: Why do Ethnic Parties Flourish or Die? The Microfoundations of Identity Politics in Pakistan's Megacity

* Tongtong Zhang, Political Science - Project Title: Fining for Living: Central-Local Struggle in the Relaxation of One-Child Policy


* Daniel O'Leary, Psychology - Project Title: Socioeconomic Status and Obesity: An Affective Science Perspective

* Eric Smith, Psychology - Project Title: Broadening the Scope: How Messages of Broad Care Drive Academic Investment

* Gabriel Chiu, Sociology - Project Title: The Rise of Entrepreneurship in China

The Dissertation Fellowship Program supports dissertation writers within the six social science departments of the School of Humanities & Sciences. Particular encouragement is provided to graduate students whose research crosses disciplinary boundaries, relies upon computational social science methods, and/or analyzes large, complex data sets.