2019-2020 CSS Fellows Announced

CSS is pleased to announce the awardees for the 2019-2020 Fellowships:

* Katariina Mueller-Gastell and Austin van Loon, Sociology, study the effect of formal and informal ties in workplace on communication and gender inequality.
* Franklin Qian and Rose Tan, Economics, study whether there is inclusive growth when high-skilled workers migrate to a city in response to the entry of a large, high-skilled firm establishment.
* Michael Webb,  Economics, uses the overlap between the text of patents and the text of job descriptions to predict the impact of artificial intelligence on jobs and wages.
* Yiming He, Economics, researches the effects of slum clearance on displaced residents using evidence from Victorian London.
* Mufan Luo, Communication, uses computational and experimental methodologies to asses the impact of live broadcasting media events on emotional response and cognitive judgment.

The Computational Social Science Fellowship is designed to provide students with extra funds to conduct innovative research that applies computational techniques to social science research. To learn more, visit the CSS website.