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Federal Statistical Research Data Center

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In partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau, IRiSS’s Secure Data Center hosts one of the nation’s 29 Federal Statistical Research Data Centers, providing access to restricted data for Stanford researchers and those from nearby universities. Approved projects can access microdata from the Census Bureau's economic and demographic surveys and censuses, restricted use data from NCHS and AHRQ, and adminitrative data from partnered federal, state, and local governments.


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The Stanford RDC administrator is S. Emi Lesure, Ph.D.

Curious about the FSRDC?

What data is available in Federal Statistical Research Data Centers?

The Federal Statistical Research Data Centers (RDCs) located across the country—managed and administered by the U.S. Census Bureau—make two types of restricted data accessible to approved researchers: survey and census data, and administrative data.

The former is largely comprised of data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau in the course of its surveys and censuses, such as the decennial census and the American Community Survey. As a whole, the content of these Census Bureau RDC data can be broadly categorized as demographic (e.g., decennial census, American Community Survey, Current Population Survey, American Housing Survey, National Crime Victimization Survey) and economic (e.g.., Longitudinal Business Database, economic censuses, Annual Survey of Manufactures, Survey of Business Owners, Longitudinal Firm Trade Transactions Database).


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