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Add Health Data

two young adults shown walking away from the camera in casual clothes

What Is It?

The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (also known as Add Health, formerly the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health) is a nationally representative study originally designed to examine how social contexts (such as families, friends, peers, schools, neighborhoods, and communities) influence teens' health and risk behaviors. The study is now examining how health changes over the course of early adulthood.

Where can I learn more?

Public data for the study is available here

How Can I Obtain Access To The Data?

IRiSS is happy to assist Stanford researchers in obtaining access to the Add Health Study data (Waves I-IV) via the Secure Data Center.  Data is stored on Stanford AFS servers and access can be granted to approved Stanford* research personnel who meet the criteria for data usage.

Please submit this form to get in touch with our Institutional Representative for the study.

*PLEASE NOTE: You must be a Stanford-affiliated researcher in order to obtain access to this project.


For Current Project Members

*In order to comply with revised security requirements for the project, it is now required that Add Health data users print all hard copy output to a designated printer in Institutional Representative's office at IRiSS to be vetted for possible disclosure risks. Set up for printer can be done by following these instructions created by UIT:

Install instructions:

1)  Click on the appropriate link



Please contact Josh Quan for alternate methods for printing.

2) Download file

3) Double click on file and follow defaults.

Note to MacOS 10.8+ users-- built-in security software known as Gatekeeper may prevent you from running the software installer.  If that's the case, please follow these instructions for printing to a MacOS 10.8+