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About the Center for American Democracy

townhall meeting

The Stanford Center for American Democracy (SCAD) is a multidisciplinary effort to address fundamental questions about American democracy, institutions, and the American electorate. SCAD convenes Stanford faculty, graduate students, and the broader community of Stanford researchers from across the social sciences and professional schools pursuing questions related to American democracy and politics, primarily with the methodological focus of experimental survey research. 

SCAD works to increase our understanding of American democracy and politics through:

  • Supporting graduate students with grants to pursue research on American politics
  • Training graduate students and young faculty in survey experimental methods ​​
  • Disseminating research findings with policymakers and the greater public                                                                                                                                                                                    

In addition to enhancing academics', policymakers', and the public's understanding of American political life, SCAD aims to build a community of scholars interested in experimental survey methods. The Center has also administered the internet survey portion the American National Elections Study since 2008.

For inquiries, please contact Isabel Lopez.