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Bringing insights to the most fundamental questions surrounding American Democracy, institutions, and the American electorate

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American Democracy


The Stanford Center for American Democracy (SCAD) is a multidisciplinary effort to address fundamental questions about American democracy, institutions, and the American electorate. SCAD convenes Stanford faculty, graduate students, and the broader community of Stanford researchers from across the social sciences and professional schools pursuing questions related to American democracy and politics, primarily with the methodological focus of experimental survey research. 


Recent News & Research

Apr 23 2021
2019-2020 SCAD Graduate Fellow Marissa Thompson shares insights from her SCAD-sponsored research.  Are schools in your local school district segregated? We asked 1,700 parents to guess the level of...
Feb 23 2021
Research on the reactions of majorities to Muslim minorities in Western Europe has focused on exclusion – opposition to immigration, prejudice towards minorities, the surge in support for the far...

The Historic 2020 Elections

Before several states released their final vote tallies and either candidate had obtained the 270 electoral votes needed to win the U.S. presidential election, experts Nathaniel Persily, Hakeem Jefferson, Didi Kuo, and Bruce Cain convened on Zoom to break down what had happened so far and what Americans might expect in the many weeks before Inauguration Day.