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Bringing insights to the most fundamental questions surrounding American Democracy, institutions, and the American electorate

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American Democracy


The Stanford Center for American Democracy (SCAD) is a multidisciplinary effort to address fundamental questions about American democracy, institutions, and the American electorate. SCAD convenes Stanford faculty, graduate students, and the broader community of Stanford researchers from across the social sciences and professional schools pursuing questions related to American democracy and politics, primarily with the methodological focus of experimental survey research. 


Recent News & Research

May 19 2020
Facebook has provided a $351,000 gift to the American National Election Studies (ANES) to gather data on an important topic pertaining to the American electorate: what is the nature of the...
Apr 27 2020
Geologist turned high school teacher turned GSE researcher, IRiSS Center for American Democracy Graduate Fellow Lynne Zummo examines how adolescents' political identities affect their scientific...

Grants for Survey Experiments in the Social Sciences

The Center for American Democracy invites applications for small grants to support survey experiments in the social sciences. The grants will help cover the cost of conducting public opinion surveys with embedded experiments in the United States. The maximum size of a small grant is $2,000.

We will invite all grant recipients to become graduate fellows of the Center for American Democracy.