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Bringing insights to the most fundamental questions surrounding American Democracy, institutions, and the American electorate

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American Democracy


The Stanford Center for American Democracy (SCAD) is a multidisciplinary effort to address fundamental questions about American democracy, institutions, and the American electorate. SCAD convenes Stanford faculty, graduate students, and the broader community of Stanford researchers from across the social sciences and professional schools pursuing questions related to American democracy and politics, primarily with the methodological focus of experimental survey research. 


Recent News & Research

Jun 17 2020
Rachel M. Gillum, PhD '14, talks about the experiences of American Muslims in a post-9/11 environment and the implications for national security. Government officials and pundits often make claims...
Jun 10 2020
Whites are more likely to think police behave fairly -- and so their suspects are probably culpable. The following is an op-ed by SCAD Faculty Fellow Hakeem Jefferson and coauthors Fabian G. Neuner...

Securing the 2020 Election During a Pandemic

How can we ensure that Americans can vote safely during the COVID pandemic? Would voting by mail confer an advantage to either major political party? How would vote-by-mail affect turnout, and would it increase the risk of voter fraud? Would voters trust new procedures for election administration, and would those without mail-in options feel safe enough to vote in person on Election Day? Watch the panel discussion of these issues and more.