IRiSS Fellows

The IRiSS Fellows Program draws together Stanford faculty from multiple departments to explore cutting-edge research questions with the goal of creating and communicating new knowledge through research publications and in the classroom. Fellows can apply to work on an individual or small group project. There is some bias toward faculty projects that bring together faculty from different disciplines to take advantage of the interdisciplinary environment that IRiSS fosters.

IRiSS Fellows are selected for their potential to develop successful collaborations that lead to new external funding opportunities and the creation of teaching initiatives that may transform social science teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Fellows may also use their time to initiate new project proposals, to further the work of ongoing research programs, or to complete important research efforts and bring them to fruition through publication.

A Unique Location
Owing to its physical location in the foothills at 30 Alta Road, the IRiSS Fellows Program provides an attractive local option for “getting away.” The distance from the main campus is sufficient that it allows researchers some separation, physical and mental, from the regular commitments within their departments. Yet the location is easily accessible, making it a nice addition to the family-friendly environment at Stanford.

An annual call for proposals for this program is issued in late December. Awards will be announced during Winter quarter. For details, please visit our Request for Proposals guidelines (PDF, 74KB) or contact Carolyn Ybarra at ybarra at

For a list of current Fellows as well as previous Fellows, visit the IRiSS Fellows List.

Read about our most recent fellows' projects at the 2015-2016 Faculty Fellow page.